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X2 Football 10/11 HD released for iPad!

We at Team First Touch are pleased to announce the release of X2 Football 10/11 HD for the iPad. After countless emails from people requesting an iPad version it’s finally here and available for download! Get your copy today!

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X2 Football 2010 Issues

Unfortunately, we’re still getting stick on our own Facebook group and on the App Store for issues in the current version of X2 Football 2010. As the guy ultimately responsible, I felt some sort of response was in order. Firstly a selection of reviews on the App Store: * tournament bug is fixed, since you can delete the tournament … this is the best by a mile * best football game on iPhone, my one has not crashed one, must be the other peps devices not working mine works fine and worth every penny and some others … * Great game but app continuously crashes in tournament mode after latest update … * Needs an update, still crashing in v1.3, … Continue reading

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X2 Football 2010 Support

It’s important to us that users enjoy our games as much as possible, and whilst we make every effort to ensure our games are free of bugs, we are also realistic enough to see that some combinations of gameplay modes, teams and events can result in unplanned behaviour. We rely on you, our community, to make us aware of issues you do come across, such that we can keep improving our games. If you think you’ve found a bug, issue, or simply need help understanding how a game works, please first check the appropriate FAQ section under the ‘Support’ tab, and if your query is not answered, please email us at: Remember if you don’t let us know about … Continue reading

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X2 Football 2010 FAQ

Q: Tournament mode keeps crashing! A: We have fixed this issue with our 1.2 update. Once you have downloaded it, delete your tournament save file (sorry about that) and then reboot your device. Should be happy days after that. Q: How do you assign roles within ‘Team Management’? A: Click on ‘Team Management’ and go to the ‘Roles’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Now press the empty space to the right of a players name, you should get the role menu appear on the right hand side. All you need to do now is click through the role icons on the right and they will move to the player you indicated in the first place Q: Can I … Continue reading

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X2 Football 2010 Released

We are pleased to annouce the release of X2 Football 2010 on iphone & ipod touch. We feel its a massive step forward for us to ensure we are creating the best football simulator on the market. All the feedback from fans has been much appreciated and we hope you have as much playing the game as we did developing it! In addition to this year’s host of improvements and added extras is the introduction of the all new Dream Team mode, where players must use all of their footballing knowledge to create their very own ‘Dream Team’. Gamers start out with an initial team, poor in overall ability; they then compete in multiplayer, tournament and quick match modes for … Continue reading

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