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RWF – My First World Cup

Being a huge football fan there was always one ambition that had to be ticked off my list. I follow England and have seen them play at Wembley many times. I have seen my country come head to head with all matter of opponents from Brazil to San Marino, Netherlands to Kazakhstan. When the chance came to travel to Brazil for the World Cup, I had to take it and never look back. So off I went, seven days in Rio de Janeiro, four days in Sao Paulo and three days in Belo Horizonte. It would be easy to talk about the football and what I think of team X, why team Y is out and which team will win. … Continue reading

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RWF – Has Mourinho dug himself a hole?

With the conclusion of the Premiership season yesterday, most of the talk will understandably turn to Manchester City and those relegated to the Championship. However, my main thoughts at this time focus on Chelsea and how they can perform next season. Many fans across the football spectrum seem to have bought into what Mourinho has been feeding them. This Chelsea team are not good enough, they are not ready. I don’t see it. This is a team that finished the season with three players in the PFA team of the year, one of which also claiming the PFA young player of the year award. Chelsea also finished behind a Liverpool team containing two players in Sturridge and Johnson whom couldn’t … Continue reading

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Neymar to Barca?

‘Coder Chris gives his thoughts on Neymar’s transfer to Barca’ Something in the World of football has been confusing me as of late. There are always hundreds of changes around the globe at this time. The merry-go-round of players and coaches has begun. Some are approaching the end of their contracts; others may be commanding record breaking fees. Nothing I have read has come as a shock, with the exception of Neymar to Barcelona. The rumour is that Neymar set Barcelona back a cool £50m. Considering the prices being shouted about around Europe this may not seem like a huge deal. Players such as Bale, Cavani, Falcao and Suarez have been spoken about with figures around and above this mark. … Continue reading

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RWF: Lack of Composure

I seem to be the odd one out these days. I can’t explain it, I do closely follow club football and you can often find me infront of a TV come Saturday or Sunday at kick off. However, for me, international football will always come first. There is something special about seeing the best of your country go to battle with another. Knowing of my football patriotism, my amazing girlfriend bought us two tickets to Wembley to see England host Ukraine. So off we went for the evening in London. I have written a few articles in the past about England. I am fortunate enough for this to be my fourth visit to the new Wembley and the third time … Continue reading

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RWF: Managing Expectations

Life as an England fan has been tough down the years. I have heard countless excuses in this time such as luck, the players are not good enough, there is no passion, there is no belief, the manager is not good enough, the officials were poor. The truth is probably a combination of the above. In short, England have not gone far in a major tournament because they have not played well enough. I am not about to offer a reason for this and claim I know the magic formula to change this, here’s hoping that Hodgson does! The team has been by no means perfect, but I want to look at the positives. Roy Hodgson has never managed a … Continue reading

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RWF: England Vs Netherlands

Myself and a couple of guys from First Touch Games were fortunate enough to visit Wembley to watch the first game of the Stuart Pearce era as England manager (and possibly the last). Overall it is hard to argue with the result. The Netherlands played some breathtaking football at times. The technical brilliance of Sneijder, the trickery of Robben and the persistence of Kuyt would give any team in the World a run for their money. You have to give the make-shift England defence some credit for keeping these players and the World class Van Persie quiet for large periods of the game. The first half was a quiet affair with neither side able to produce any amazing chances. The … Continue reading

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