v1.31 Recovering Lost Data

Unfortunately some people lost data during the upgrade to v1.30. This is a guide to recovering lost data if you have a recent backup.

Recovering Lost Data from a backup

iTunes features easy access to both making and restoring back-ups, and so getting your data back should be pretty straight forward.

If you have recently backed up your device then try the following to recover data:

1. Upgrade FTS to V1.31 update, either wirelessly or by connecting your device to your PC/Mac.
2. With your device connected to your PC/Mac, open iTunes, right click your device as it appears under ‘Devices’ in the iTunes side bar.
3. You will see an option to backup your device. Do this now, which will take a few moments.
4. Right click your device again, and you will see the option ‘Restore From Backup’.
5. Click this to see a box pop up stating your device and a drop down menu. There should be dates next to each backup. Choose to restore a back up from just before you updated to V1.30 (for reference V1.30 was released on July 29th). Proceed with the restore.
6. iTunes will take a few moments to restore your device. During that time your device will restart itself. Your data and settings will be restored, but your app versions will not be changed.
7. After restoration, enter FTS, and you should find that your backed up team data has now successfully been restored into v1.31.

This backup will have restored settings and data for all your apps, so if you want to just want to recover your data then you can do the following:

8. After restoration, enter the game, and proceed to the Edit Data screen.
9. Tap the email icon at the top of the screen, and email yourself a PNG image containing the team data.
10. Repeat the ‘backup restore’ steps from above to restore the data from the backup you did during stage 3 above.
11. Once restored, access your email and copy the PNG image containing your team data to the clipboard (touch and hold on image, then tap Copy)
12. Enter FTS, and proceed to the edit team data screen, where you should see an icon next to the email icon to paste data. Tap this, FTS will update any data and try to download any kits/logos etc.

I haven’t backed up my custom data, is there any other way of getting it back?

Without a back-up it’s not possible. However we are aware that there are many extensively edited team data files done by the community, which have been uploaded to various websites, and can be easily found. A good start in finding these would be to google “first touch soccer team data” or similar.
FTS enables easy import features and the possibility to share data via email. So it is possible for large data edit changes to be done in very little time through a mere ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ of a PNG image.
Note that we are not responsible for any of the content on these sites, and this information is provided purely from a community support point of view.

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