FTS: Version 1.30 Issues

So today’s update to First Touch Soccer by most accounts hasn’t gone very well.

Custom Team Data

The first issue is that the update caused some people to lose all their edited custom team data. As I’m writing this we’re putting together a build with a fix ready to submit to Apple. This is incredibly disappointing for us though, particularly now we’re aware of what was happening.

The issue is that when certain teams had been edited (some of the all star and classic teams), the data set would fail the validation tests, and be treated as corrupt data. Those most likely to have made changes to so many teams are our most loyal fans and biggest contributors to the community around FTS. So whilst the number affected should be fairly small, those affected are the hardcore, which is disappointing for multiple reasons.

We tested version 1.30 extensively, and it was actually delayed by a week for additional testing and bug fixes, but we have to hold our hands up here that we missed these specific circumstances. We can only apologise for those affected, and encourage those of you who were affected to email support@teamfirsttouch.com to see if we can try to recover your data.

See below for some initial Q&A on this issue.

Season Update 11/12

The second issue is a more difficult one. The fact that the season update for the 11/12 season is a 69p/99c in app purchase, and not just free.

So here are some points:

– We give away free content with most, if not all of our updates. That makes sense for us, and is good for the community around the game. But ultimately we have staff to pay, rent and a million other commitments that people who work in software development have, and as much as we’d like to give things away to people who like our games, it’s not something that we can do indefinitely.

– First Touch Soccer, for all it’s critical acclaim is yet to make a profit. That means we’ve spent more money making it than we have made from it. So in charging for the season update, we’re not trying to fleece as much as we can from our fans. Most of them have only paid 59p/99c anyway, so if we were being mercenary about this then we’ve done something wrong there.

– If you play the game a lot and the update would add to the experience, then 69p/99c is really not a lot to pay, especially considering you’ll get a further update for FREE in September.

– If you’re happy with the game as it is then you don’t need to pay for the update, you still get the other improvements in the update.


Overall today’s experience has been pretty low. The feedback we’ve been getting on the Facebook page makes the hard work that the team has put in over recent weeks for version 1.30 seem pretty pointless. We’d have been better off not bothering with a 1.30, and just going to the pub …

Hopefully we can repair the damage done by the custom team data bug over the next week or so, and that the community can see that we’re not money grabbing mercenaries. Time will tell.

Thanks again for everyone who supports us, and thanks for the patience whilst we try to fix what we’ve broken.



Q: When will v1.31 be available ?
A: The updated build is now with Apple. Typically they take between a day and a week to approve updates. Hopefully it will be a couple of days rather than a week though.

Q: I’ve lost my edited data, can I recover it ?
A: If you’ve recently backed up your iPhone to your PC/Mac, then when v1.31 is approved and released then you should be able to recover your data. More details to follow on this.

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