First Touch Soccer Bonus Features Guide


In First Touch Soccer there are 28 unlockable teams. 20 of these are Classic teams, for example England 1966 & Liverpool 1984, the other 8 are Allstar teams made up from current players. There are two ways of obtaining unlockable teams; firstly you can win certain tournaments to unlock them one at a time. A full list of how to unlock each team can be found within My Profile -> Bio -> Unlockables. The second way is to purchase them from our in game shop, they come in packs of 4-5 teams for 59p each. Bargain!


Feats come in two types: Silver & Gold, they are awarded in game for doing specific objectives i.e. score off the woodwork, score a hat trick of headers. For a full list of feats and how to achieve them go to My Profile -> Bio -> Feats. As well as achieving these in game they will also transfer to your game center account and give you achievement points here as well! Feats can also be awarded numerous times, the reason being each feat will provide you with Dream Team tokens, silver feats will award you with silver tokens and gold feats with gold tokens. The harder the feat the more tokens are awarded!


Edit Team Data within My Profile allows you to change player, team and league names and share your changes with your friends by email. You can also import custom logos for teams (these however can’t be shared via email, this will feature in version 1.2). To email team data press the envelope icon on the top of the screen when in the main edit team data menu. The recipient of this image can download the team data by copying the image to the clipboard, running FTS. navigating to the Edit Team Data screen and tapping the paste icon.


This menu can be found within My Profile. It allows you to reset specific areas on the game as well your complete profile. Also you’ll be pleased to know that if you reset your dream team or your complete profile this will not reset your Dream Team tokens.

HINT: If you are experiencing problems with a tournaments in here there is an email icon where you can email your save data to us @ Team First Touch. This save data could help us tackle crashes and help the stability of First Touch Soccer.

That concludes our First Touch Soccer Bonus Features guide, if you have any useful Hints & Tips regarding these areas then feel free to email us at
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