Dream League Soccer 2017 – Multiplayer Troubleshooting


Welcome to the Dream League Soccer 2016 Multiplayer Troubleshooting guide. Here you’ll find answers to the most common problems & issues in regards to our new Multiplayer modes.

Q: Why can’t I play multiplayer over my cellular network?
A: Firstly, check that you have not disabled multiplayer over cellular networks, there is an option for this in the advanced settings menu. However, in order to get the best and most reliable games for both users in a multiplayer match we only allow Wi-Fi or high quality 3G and 4G networks. The particular network technology your device is using may not be on our list of supported types.

Q: I’m having difficulty connecting to the match making server, what should I do?
A: If you’re having difficulty connecting, then check your internet connection, so try loading up your internet browser for example. If this is fine, then you might just need to be patient, and try again later and wait for more potential opponents to come online. Also make sure you have the latest version of Dream League Soccer 2016 to get the best Multiplayer experience.

Q: I’m having difficulty connecting to an opponent, what should i do?
A: If you’re having trouble playing over Wi-Fi, then enable uPNP on your router if possible, or find options that will make your router use a less strict NAT. Enabling port forwarding for port 10841 should help as it’s our default UDP port. If the problems persist, then power down your device and router, and then back on again to see if this improves things. If you’re playing over a cellular connection, then it is normal to expect connections to fail more often because it is harder to establish direct peer-to-peer connections when cellular networks are involved, either keep trying or switch to Wi-Fi if possible.

Q: Does Dream League Soccer support IPv6?
A: Not yet, but we’re hoping to add this soon.

Q: How much data does a multiplayer match of Dream League Soccer 2016 use?
A: It can vary a lot depending on the quality of the connection and the duration of the match. An approximate value is about 2MB per match.

Q: I’m frequently failing to get into matches because the connection quality or speed is too low. What should I do?
A: Dream League Soccer 2016 does not have particularly high network bandwidth demands for multiplayer, but it is sensitive to high latency and packet loss. Some internet connections, particularly cellular networks or satellite internet can have impressive bandwidth capabilities, but suffer from high latency. If matches are consistently failing due to connection quality, then you might have to try a different type of internet connection or try using your connection at another time of day. However, if the failures are only occasional, then other factors might be at play, such as the geographical proximity of your opponent or your opponent’s network type.

Q: What does ‘MTBMW’ in the new multiplayer chat system?
A: This is short for ‘May The Best Man Win’.

Remember, in general Wi-Fi mutliplayer matches will run more smoothly with Bluetooth disabled on your device.

If you’re trying to connect to a Multipeer or Game Center match, then check the following list below.

* Check both devices are running the same version of the app, this can be checked in My Profile/Advanced/Information.
* Connections are best when both of you are on the same router (Multipeer).
* If there is no router then Peer to Peer Wi-fi is the next best thing, however, it isn’t supported on all iOS devices. Only devices with the lightning cable (the small newer type of connector) have peer to peer Wi-Fi.
* Bluetooth games are usually quite choppy, so we recommend using Wi-Fi when possible.

If these FAQs do not answer your questions, then feel free to email us at support@ftgames.com

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