RWF – Has Mourinho dug himself a hole?

With the conclusion of the Premiership season yesterday, most of the talk will understandably turn to Manchester City and those relegated to the Championship. However, my main thoughts at this time focus on Chelsea and how they can perform next season.

Many fans across the football spectrum seem to have bought into what Mourinho has been feeding them. This Chelsea team are not good enough, they are not ready. I don’t see it. This is a team that finished the season with three players in the PFA team of the year, one of which also claiming the PFA young player of the year award. Chelsea also finished behind a Liverpool team containing two players in Sturridge and Johnson whom couldn’t cut the grade in their squad. They also beat them to the signatures of Willian and the increasingly promising Salah with Liverpool’s squad looking increasingly thin. Along with Willian, this team has contributed four players to the Brazilian squad for their home World Cup. We are looking at a World Class team and any suggestions that they are not good enough is Mourinho just covering his own back in case of failure.

This is where we turn to next season where the excuses have to stop. You can only imagine that Chelsea will throw more money at the problem and look to add to the strike force that already exists. Strong rumours have been circulating that Diego Costa could be the main target with a buyout clause in the region of £30 million. With the possible exits of the older generation in the form of Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole, Mourinho may also be looking to the future with further squad overhaul.

So what then? Mourinho has made his excuses for this season and pointed to next. With each comment made about how his squad is not good enough and how next season will be different, he may just be digging a hole. What if in the summer they spend millions on a player and they never fit into English football or the lifestyle? What if Manchester City strengthens their squad and becomes a better unit than this year? What if Liverpool learn to defend? Maybe Mourinho will come good and deliver, or he may just realise the hole he has dug is too deep to climb out of.

Chris Hull

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