First Touch Soccer 2014 FAQ

Having problems/issues with First Touch Soccer 2014? Below is a list of FAQs which might answer some of your questions, if you have a problem not answered here then please log onto our online Support system @ getsatisfaction


Q: FTS 14 is crashing when I boot up the game, how can I fix this?
A: If this is occurring then please email support immediately.

Q: When I launch FTS 14 I get a black screen with some random options? How do I get out of this?
A: You are currently within Safe Mode, to get out of this, follow these instructions:
1) Completely close down FTS 14 (so that it isn’t running in the background)
2) Go to your device “Settings”
3) Scroll down to “FTS 14”
4) Swipe the “Safe Mode” option to “OFF”
5) Boot FTS 14 up again

Q: Help I’m having problems with my game how can I get technical support from you guys?
A: We suggest you post your issue on our Getsatisfaction page where a member of the First Touch Games staff will be in contact with you (you can also see if other FTS 14 users are reporting similar issues).

If you feel you need to contact us directly away from the public Getsatisfaction page then you can contact us here. Please keep in mind that we can only reply to any queries Monday-Friday.


Q: What’s new in First Touch Soccer 2014?
A: The series has had a massive upgrade, and an all new manager mode. You’re not only in charge of your squad, you will be involved in the day to day running of your club. You’ll be signing a host of new players, negotiating with agents, hiring your coaches, and the upgrading stadium you want to play in. Your goal is achieve footballing glory by either building your team from scratch or moving up the managerial ranks to coaching one of the world’s elite clubs.

Q: What is a VIP Pass and how do I buy one?
A: A VIP pass grants you access to all game modes, including Quick Match, Tournament Mode, Star Player Mode & Custom Data. It also lets you select half-length from My Profile and gives you a credit and XP doubler after every match. You can buy one by going into any of the locked areas of the game, tapping on these will prompt you to purchase one.

Q: What is this ‘One Touch’ control mode?
A: This is a brand new control scheme in FTS 14 which makes you play in a more casual way. There is no need for a virtual pad as everything is done with taps, drags and swipes. If you want to know more then go to the Game Controls screen within My Profile, you can change to this control mode in Preferences and then view an control guide in the Attacking and Defending tabs.

Q: Sometimes when I do a coaching session, it says ‘No Improvements’. What’s going on?
A: When you do coaching sessions with highly rated players, it is harder to train them. We recommend you acquire coaches with higher stats to see results on top players.

Q: I need more money to sign players and get out of debt! HELP!
A: In manager mode, you can convert any earned credits into cash for your club. To do this, click on the credit footer icon and tap ‘Invest In Club’.

Q: How come some players won’t sign for my team? I have enough money in the bank!
A: Like in real life, the best players will only go to play alongside a team of good quality. Build your squad up more, before attempting to sign the top players.

Q: I got relegated in Manager mode and got sacked?!
A: Unfortunately relegation is something that Board Of Directors don’t take lightly, I’m surprised you lasted this long!

Q: Why has the Chairman suddenly started selling players without my consent?
A: If you are in debt for a substantial amount of time, then the Chairman will sell players in order to take the club out of negative finances. It’s worth managing your finances, or some of your best players will be forced to leave.

Q: How do I change clubs in manager mode? I need a change of pace.
A: Well depending on how well you are doing as a manager, you may well get periodical offers to manage other clubs. If you fancy changing immediately, then go My Club -> Agents. Here you can look at a list of Agents who can find you jobs at other clubs.

Q: What is the difference between Agent Classes?
A: Agents are categorised into 4 sets. S, A, B & C classes.
• S Class agents will secure your dream job at the team of your choice.
• A Class agents will secure you a job at an elite level team of the agent’s nationality.
• B Class agents will secure you a job at a top level team of the agent’s nationality.
• C Class agents will secure you a job at a mid-level team of the agent’s nationality.

Q: Why are my projected Gate receipts so low and how do I increase them?
A: You can increase your stadiums capacity from the Stadium screen located in My Club. You have to however be able to fill your stadium, so play well to keep the fans coming back each week. Your projected gate receipts are calculated by your average attendance.

Q: One of my star players is injured, and it’s the cup final coming up!! How can I get him back to full fitness?
A: If you go to Squad Status in My Club, you have the ability to heal any injured players, for a cost. The cost is dependent on how long they are injured for.

Q: My players in manager mode are complaining that their morale is low, so they won’t sign new contracts, how can I increase player morale?
A: Player morale is affected by how often players are winning games and featuring in the starting 11. Feature players more, win matches and lift trophies to lift their morale.

Q: I want to start my manager mode career from scratch, how can I do this?
A: If you really want to do this, you can go to My Club and in the bottom right hand corner there will be an option to resign.

Q: Damn it, I forgot to renew player contracts and now the chairman has sold my players!
A: If you forget to renew player contracts, then the chairman will sell players so they don’t leave on a free transfer. Keep up to date by regularly checking emails, and your squad status.

Q: The Custom Data screen is a bit complicated, any one care to explain what I’m doing here?!
A: You’ll find an in depth guide on our website. Just click the link here

Q: How do I upload replays to YouTube?
A: Once you have saved a replay from a match go to My Profile and click on Replay Viewer. Pick the replay you wish to upload, position the camera and click on the YouTube icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Q: What happens if I don’t have a YouTube account to upload replays?
A: The replay will be uploaded to our very own First Touch Replays Channel, you can visit this at here
(You require email to be set up on your device to upload videos to our YouTube channel).

Q: So it’s Free To Play then, isn’t that evil ?
A: Hopefully not! FTS 14 has a lot of free content. Additional content can be unlocked with credits which can be earned, purchased or gained through watching video ads.

Q: What are Leaderboards?
A: Leaderboards are a chance to compare yourself to the other FTS 14 players across the globe. There are separate leaderboards for online and offline users in game, and then more leaderboards via Game Center. Who will be no.1?

Q: Where’s the best place to get any information on these updates, and other goings on in regards to FTS 14?
A: We recommend you join our official Facebook community for all the latest updates.

Q: What iOS Devices will play FTS 14?
A: FTS 14 is currently compatible with

• iPhone 3GS
• iPhone 4/4S
• iPhone 5
• iPod touch (3rd Generation) 32GB only
• iPod touch (4th generation)
• iPod touch (5th generation)
• iPad Mini
• iPad
• iPad2
• New iPad
• iPad Air

FTS 14 is not compatible with:

• iPhone 3G or older
• iPod Touch 3rd generation 8 GB version
• iPod Touch 1st or 2nd generation
• iPod Classic or Nano

Q: What version of iOS does FTS 14 require?
A: FTS 14 requires iOS 5.0 or later installed in order to run. You can update your iOS for free by connecting your iOS Device to a computer with iTunes installed, connecting to Wi-Fi on your device or by visiting your local Apple Store.

Q: How do I backup my FTS 14 app, so I won’t lose my save game?
A: If you have accidentally uninstalled the app or if you are having issues with the current version, you can restore a previous version of FTS 14 provided that you regularly backup your device via. iTunes.

Here’s how:

1. Plug your iOS device into your computer.
2. Open iTunes on the computer.
3. Select the device in iTunes to bring up a sub menu.
4. Select the “Backup Up Now” option.
5. After you have successfully created a backup of your entire iOS device, you can always use the “Restore Backup” option in iTunes to restore the device to the way it was (and thus restore your FTS 14 app save).

*Please note that this will revert all device settings, app data etc. to the way it was at the time of the backup.
*Please note that restoring from a previous iOS may cause issues.

Q: What is ‘Send Metrics’?
A: With this optional setting to enable us, the developers, to receive anonymous information for how people are playing the game. It shows us statistics such as how many matches’ players have completed, favourite game modes etc. This information is vital in ensuring that we can continually improve the game and add new features.

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